Invisalign is a method of straightening your teeth using a series of clear, removable teeth aligners rather than the wires and brackets of conventional braces. The primary advantages of the treatment are itís cosmetic nature, the ability to enjoy eating without restrictions and the ease of oral hygiene maintenance. The aligners are clear and virtually undetectable by others and they are removed for eating and for hygiene.


The process involves taking impressions and my designing the computer generated aligners. A series of aligners are made that enable the teeth to be moved in small amounts without discomfort. Each custom made aligner is custom manufactured with exact increments to shift your teeth gradually into its correct place. New aligners are switched out about every two weeks which often allows for faster treatment than traditional orthodontic. At the end of treatment, a clear nonactive aligner is made that will retain the position as opposed to the rather bulky retentive appliances and wires used by the wire and bracket treatment.


We begin by taking impressions, photos and X-rays and sending them to Align Technology. The impressions are scanned into a computer creating a virtual 3D model of your teeth. The series of tooth movements required to achieve the final position that I prescribe is calculated and electronically sent to me. After I review and approve the steps, I will consult with you and show the series of movements resulting in your improved smile. Before the aligners are made, we will be able to adjust the final result if you so desire. The average treatment time is approximately one year. If you so desire, we will include bleach so you can whiten your teeth during treatment toward, the end of an alignerís functional stage.