Dental implants are a safe, medically proven answer to missing teeth, failing bridges and crowns and loose dentures. In a sense, the implant replaces the root part of the tooth below the gum. In a sense, the anchor or foundation on which a lot of different options can be placed, whether it be a bridge, crown or denture.

Is it painful? Generally, no. Most patients find extractions to be more uncomfortable after the procedure. The reason for this is that bone only has nerve endings on the tissue on top of the bone; there are very few, if any, nerves in the main inside part of the bone. A tooth on the other hand has a lot of nerve endings in the ligament that attaches the bone to the tooth.

Best reasons for implants?  If you have a space in between two teeth that have never been filled, implants are the best answer. It is a shame to place a bridge in this situation and the implant is considered the standard of care.  If you have a tooth that has broken down to or below the gum line, it makes more sense to extract the tooth and place an implant rather than paying for a root canal, a  periodontal procedure called crown lengthening, a post and core and a crown. The success rate for the implant is higher and the procedure more comfortable.