Porcelain onlays, veneers and crowns are one of the biggest improvements in dental care in the past twenty years. The ability to create and insert these restorations on the same visit is even more remarkable. Creating and inserting the onlays requires a paradigm shift of huge proportions on the doctor’s part. The biggest advantage in placing porcelain onlays is the conservation of natural tooth structure while restoring most of the original strength of the tooth in question. The advantage of CEREC restorations are that they are placed at the same appointment, saving time and injections and not having to wear temporaries. Having the restoration permanently cemented at the same visit also reduces bacterial invasion of the tooth which temporary cement often allows. Fewer bacteria mean less sensitivity. I have placed huge numbers of porcelain restorations very close to the dental pulp with an amazing lack of tooth sensitivity after the insertion.


Also, they look great, wear just like enamel and feel fantastic. Another advantage of the porcelain restorations is that they are radiolucent enough that X-rays can show if decay is occurring as opposed to crowns that totally block the X-ray.


How much to I believe in them? Ask to see my before and after pictures.